New Approaches 
to Evaluating 

Volume 2
Theory, Measurement, and Analysis

Edited by Karen Fulbright-Anderson, Anne C. Kubisch, and James P. Connell

Table of Contents

Evaluating Community Initiatives: A Progress Report
Anne C. Kubisch, Karen Fulbright-Anderson, and James P. Connell

A Theory of Change Approach to Evaluation

Applying a Theory of Change Approach to the Evaluation of Comprehensive Community Initiatives: Progress, Prospects, and Problems
James P. Connell and Anne C. Kubisch

Implementing a Theory of Change Evaluation in the Cleveland Community-Building Initiative: A Case Study
Sharon Milligan, Claudia Coulton, Peter York, and Ronald Register

Reflections from Evaluation Practitioners
The Virtue of Specificity in Theory of Change Evaluation
Susan Philliber

Shaping the Evaluator’s Role in a Theory of Change Evaluation
Prudence Brown

Using a Theory of Change Approach in a National Evaluation of Family Support Programs
Sharon L. Kagan

Applying the Theory of Change Approach to Two National, Multisite Comprehensive Community Initiatives
Scott Hebert and Andrea Anderson

Issues in Measurement and Analysis
Challenges of Measurement in Community Change Initiatives
Michelle Alberti Gambone

Measuring Comprehensive Community Initiative Outcomes Using Data Available for Small Areas
Claudia Coulton and Robinson Hollister

Establishing Causality in Evaluations of Comprehensive Community Initiatives
Robert C. Granger


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