New Approaches 
to Evaluating 

Volume 1
Concepts, Methods, and Contexts

Edited by James P. Connell, Anne C. Kubisch, Lisbeth B. Schorr, and Carol H. Weiss

Table of Contents



The Roundtable on Comprehensive Community Initiatives for Children and Families

The Steering Committee on Evaluation

About the Authors

Anne C. Kubisch, Carol H. Weiss, Lisbeth B. Schorr, James P. Connell

Evaluating Comprehensive Community Initiatives: A View From History
Alice O'Connor

Nothing as Practical as Good Theory:
Exploring Theory-Based Evaluation for Comprehensive Community Initiatives for Children and Families
Carol Hirschon Weiss

How do Urban Communities Affect Youth?
Using Social Science Research to Inform the Design and Evaluation of Comprehensive Community Initiatives
James P. Connell and J. Lawrence Aber with contributions by Gary Walker

Problems in the Evaluation of Community-Wide Initiatives
Robinson G. Hollister and Jennifer Hill

Using Community-Level Indicators of Children's Well-Being in Comprehensive Community Initiatives
Claudia J. Coulton

The Role of the Evaluator in Comprehensive Community Initiatives
Prudence Brown

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