The Aspen Institute
Roundtable on Comprehensive
Community Initiatives


The following papers were produced for a planning conference
for the Aspen Institute Roundtable on CCI's Race Project held
in November of 1998. Please do not cite the papers without
the authors' permission.
Contact information for the authors
is provided below.

Mapping Racial Attitudes at the Century's End: Has the Color Line Vanished or Merely Reconfigured?
Lawrence Bobo.

Community Development, Race & Ethnicity, and Urban Public Finance.
Howard Chernick.

Structural Shifts & Institutional Capacity: Possibilities for Ethnic Cooperation & Conflict in Urban Settings.
Michael Jones-Correa.

Race & Community Revitalization: Communications Theory & Practice.
Michael X. Delli Carpini

The Health of Urban African-American Men: Excess Mortality & Causes of Death.
Arline Geronimus.

Democracy & Citizen Participation in the U.S.: The Role of Local Government.
Marilyn Gittell.

Immigration, Race & Community Revitalization.
Ron Hayduk.

Jane Junn.

Building Bridges: the Challenge of Organized Labor in Communities of Color.
Robin D.J. Kelley.

Litigation & Structural Change in Low-Income Communities: Toward a New Conceptualization of the Role of National legal Campaigns.
Marianne Engelman Lado.

Race, Crime & Neighborhood Safety.
Nancy Mahon.

"Assert Myself to Eliminate the Hurt": Black Youth in Urban America.
Marcyliena Morgan.

Leaving Poverty Through Work: A Review of Current Employment Strategies.
Elizabeth Mueller & Alex Schwartz.

Historical Perspectives on Race & Community Revitalization.
Alice O'Connor.

The Role of normative Developmental Process & Context: Character (Racism) on the Genesis of Racial Attitudes & Identity Formation: Schooling Implications.
Margaret Spencer.

Social & Cultural Theories of Poverty: Community Practices & Social Change.
Carol Stack & Lisette Lopez.

African American Youth as Actors in Community Change.
Sharon E. Sutton.

Race, Religion & Community Activism: Developing Strategies & Institutions to Address Structures of Racism.
Mark Warren.

Metropolitanism & Racial Inclusion.
Margaret Weir.

Future of the Color Line: The Demography of Race in the 21st Century..
Tukufu Zuberi.

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